• New
  • Wilmington
  • 2557
  • 7MZL40827NC000400
  • Golf Cart
  • 6 Passenger
  • Grey
  • Electric


The most sensational golf cart of the year. Packed with power, speed, features, and a warranty you’ll love.

This Evolution Carrier 6 Plus won’t disappoint you.
Stop in and take this cart for a test drive to see what all the excitement is about.

Features Include
– Fully Street Legal
– 9” Touch screen display
– 2 Speakers with AM/FM and bluetooth
– LED headlights, tail lights, & turn signals
– Seat belts
– Mirrors
– Extended top to cover the front & rear passengers
– Fold down rear seat with a trunk for extra storage
– Zero maintenance lithium battery
– 14” Wheels with street tires
– Folding windshield

Warranty Information
– 2 year vehicle warranty
– Lifetime frame warranty
– 5 year battery warranty




  • Wilmington
  • New
  • 2557
  • 2022
  • Evolution Electric Vehicles
  • Carrier 6 Plus
  • Golf Cart
  • 6 Passenger
  • 7MZL40827NC000400

4 reviews for 2022 Evolution Electric Vehicles Carrier 6 Plus

  1. Eric D. (verified owner)

    This golf cart is perfect for those looking for low weight and ease of use

  2. Brad T. (verified owner)

    Very easy to use and portable! Great price!

  3. Carl E. Berg (verified owner)

    This cart is incredibly stable and easy to manoeuvre, even when running to the ball after an errant golf shot.

  4. James W. Thompson (verified owner)

    I bought it on sale and couldn’t be happier. It’s obviously not as hardy as some other brands/models but this is an excellent investment for the sometimes golfer. If you golf regularly, I would say you should probably by something heftier but I don’t even get to golf as often as I’d like so it’s perfect.

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